miller family history

Since 1929, the Miller family has been active in the Oil & Gas exploration and production industry. We have benefited from strong and meaningful relationships with many established oil and gas companies throughout the United States.  

From exploring in Allegan County, Michigan, in the 1930s to participating in a discovery in West Africa nearly 60 years later, the Miller family has not only found success in finding oil and gas around the world, but also developed life-long friendships with our partners and business associates. Our success in this industry lies in our ability to assess both the risk and the potential of prospects, and our associations and alliances with other credible and knowledgeable partners.  Click here for a detailed version of our history

Our future focus is participating in those oil and gas acquisitions and/or drilling ventures with multiple pay potential and acreage positions that allow for future development.  

Currently the Miller family has production in Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, and Utah.